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Solar Panel with 25W Floodlight and Remote control

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Product parameters:

Rated power: 25W
Battery:Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Battery specification: 9000mAH/3.2V
Solar panel power:8W 6V
Irradiation area:60㎡
Light source: 5730SMD LED
Waterproof rating: IP68
Use time:10H-20H
Material: Aluminum alloy


1.Solar panels and lamp body separate design, solar panels installed outdoors
2.LED lights can installation in the outdoors or indoor.
3.Sensitive charge during the day, at night discharge lighting WITHOUT ELECTRICITY COST

Remote control instructions:

Once you press the ON/OFF button, it will cause the light control to turn off. 
If you want to automatically turn on at night, you need to press the AUTO button to activate the light control, otherwise the solar light will not automatically turn on the lighting at night.

Working mode: Light control and timing
Automatic charging during the day and automatically lights at night.